Geyser Replacements & Installations

A leaking geyser in a ceiling from a small drip to a major leak can be inconvenient and cause substantial damage to ceilings, carpets and appliances. Internal corrosion of the cylinder and even worse an incorrect installation can cause geyser failure’s. An incorrect geyser installation can be detrimental and very dangerous and if the installation is incorrect there could be a potential “Bomb” in your roof.

It is therefore imperative that an experienced plumbing crew install a geyser complete with the necessary Pressure Reducing Valves, the relevant Safety Valves, and a Geyser Tray with an External Overflow Pipe ​ Ray and Sons Plumbing Services will supply and install any size geyser whether it’s a 50L,100L,150L,200L or 250L Geyser. We will recommend and replace the appropriate size geyser to suit your hot water requirements. All geysers can be installed either horizontally or vertically..

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